Originally, when making our plans, we had been hoping to drive out of Eugene early on the morning of Saturday Sept. 24th, but we woke up that Saturday morning with a house that still seemed full of stuff (what? how?). We spent our last day there working in overdrive: one last load to the dump, one last load to the storage unit to cram in whatever we possibly could before quickly pulling the overhead door down; and two loads to my mom’s little house to shove more stuff into her garage. We are in shock at how much stuff we still have, even after selling so many things and then giving away tons of other things. How can this be? How come every time we went to the storage unit to drop off a truck load, we came back to the house and felt like we hadn’t even made a dent?  (There are some glaring life-lessons here – don’t think we don’t know it.)

Eventually, around 2:30pm, we were standing in front of a truly empty house, just the two of us and our dog Buster. We placed the spare house keys on the kitchen counter, shut all the blinds, and locked the front door. Very very strange! We snapped a selfie right before climbing in our cram-packed little car, and drove away. After filling the gas tank and grabbing a burger from a drive-thru, we headed east. We decided to stay the night somewhere near Bend, OR, and allow ourselves to sleep late the next morning, before we started driving east with a vengeance.


Leaving our happy home in Eugene created lots of emotions. Although the kids are settled at school, we already miss them, our family and good friends.  I’m glad this first session in Florida is only for two months. This next chapter will bring us a steep learning curve and a lot of new experiences, both rewarding and challenging. We’re excited to get started, and so very grateful to be doing this at all. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to explore for a season!

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