With 1177 miles behind us, we’ve already enjoyed a lot of incredible scenery.  Eastern Oregon has a unique beauty with rolling hills in desert terrain, which slowly gives way to greenery along the Snake River in Idaho. Fields of corn and other crops bordered I-84 through Idaho and into Utah where the landscape turns rugged approaching the Rockies.

Once into Wyoming, we passed the Continental Divide where the land turns barren, rugged and grand. That sky just goes on forever, which makes the journey feel longer. State law allows us to drive through at 75-80 mph, but still providing ample time to gaze at antelope eating sage brush between small towns dotted with mobile homes.

We are currently heading east toward Nebraska, having summitted 8,640 ft shortly after leaving Laramie this morning. Other than a brief stretch of high elevation pine trees, the landscape rolls with fenced, dry fields covered in brush as far as my eye can see.

wind generators
one of many many billboards for Little America
on the road
Room to run, and run, and run, and run!

Here’s a surprise – traveling with Buster has been very low maintenance! Our little beagle mostly sleeps in the back, quiet as a lamb.  Buster managed to eat an entire box of Dove’s earplugs early in our journey. Fortunately, he had them all pooped out before we even reached Idaho. Very efficient! If we only spend $1.98 every few days to keep him in ear plugs, we will be money ahead by the time we reach Florida.

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