Whew – what a whirlwind today was! We were up at 5 AM to pack our bags and catch a shuttle to the Tampa airport.  Once we landed at Dulles airport in DC, we rented a car and drove straight to the little town of Galesville MD, for the Whitby/Brewer Sailboat Association Rendezvous. We were a little early so we grabbed a wonderful lunch at the restaurant next door, and then moseyed over to the cute little club headquarters to start meeting other Whitby/Brewer boat owners. The few that were already there warmly welcomed us into their ranks, and soon others started trickling in – we started having trouble keeping everyone’s names straight.

Most of the 40 or so people who showed up already knew each other from previous years, but  drinks and dinner gave us time to chat with many of them. Everyone was so warm and friendly, and already so many people had advice to offer, stories of working on/fixing their boats, and/or adventure stories. I’m sure tomorrow will be full of info!

Fred, Judy and Cindy Ann greet the newbies!

On a side note:  tonight will be interesting – we booked a room in someone’s home through Airbnb. The place is located in Upper Marlboro and looks nice online, but I also have a really hard time sleeping in a strange bed or room. We’ll see.

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