I haven’t written for a couple of days due to being so tired! But to recap, our room turned out fine. We are staying in a beautiful home on a small golf course, about 30 minutes away from  DC, Annapolis, and the meeting place for the Whitby/Brewer Rendezvous.

Tuesday was the first full day at the Rendezvous, with tons of information! Members took turns speaking on topics ranging from electrical refits, to new kitchen gadgets, to upgrading refrigeration systems. We also had a chance to go aboard 4 Whitbys that owners had sailed there. It was great to see how other people had outfitted and arranged their interiors. One couple even had a composting toilet, which is something we really want to do.

Sailboats at the Whitby Brewer Sailboat Rendezvous

Later that evening, one of the members (Fred) invited Joe and me to come see his boat, which is docked about 30 miles away from the venue. We went there after the club meeting was over and wow – his boat has to be one of the nicest examples of a Brewer that we will ever see. Totally Bristol and very inspiring!

Wednesday was the last day of the Rendezvous. Presentations were finished by 2, and then a group of people headed out for a walk which Joe and I joined. It was a nice chance to just chat with some of the members and get to know them better.  After dinner, everyone helped clean up and then Joe and I headed home early to rest up for the Annapolis Sailboat Show tomorrow!



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