After getting the news from Snead Island about the horrendous leaking coming in from the rain, Joe and I decided to escape our troubles in Washington DC and be tourists (we couldn’t do anything about the boat, so we may as well enjoy our rare opportunity to see the Capital!)  We saw Marine One land on the south lawn of the White House, went through the White House Visitor center (learned a lot about the White House!), saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, walked by the US Treasury, the National Archives, the Washington Mall, Smithsonian Castle –  altogether we probably walked over 8 or 9 miles.

On the downside, we ended up getting into a terrible disagreement. This is probably the cumulative effect of so many days on the road, then spending 3 days getting to know total strangers at the rendezvous (which is not always easy for us – we can be a little introverted sometimes), and eventually finding out that our boat (which has been up in dry storage) has some truly serious leakage problems.

Here’s part of what we’re processing:  I think that when you’re snug and comfortable in your own little nest, with your own wonderful sphere of friends and family, then there are certain emotional crutches you operate with, out of habit. And we all have our daily routines that we love, and things that we turn to (for example, I loved getting up in the mornings before anyone else, making fresh-ground coffee, reading the newspaper and doing the crossword puzzle). Now, we don’t have any of those routines – everything we’re doing is new to us.  We’ve sold our house, and so we don’t even have that to go back to.  There is no hideaway – no dependable comfort zone to turn to – no friends to go to for distraction or support. We have only each other, and all of our daily schedules are gone. Now, this isn’t a bad thing, but it is a new chapter in our lives.  In the end, we trust that it will be good for us.

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