Even though the weather was drizzly and warm, we went back into DC (this time without any of the emotional drama of the day before!). Saw some great national sites – went through the Capitol (learned the when it’s spelled ‘Capital’ it’s referring to the city – or any capital city – and when it’s spelled ‘Capitol’ then it means the actual building that houses the Senate and the House). Also went inside the Library of Congress, and got to see Jefferson’s personal library collection along with his own reference system he invented.

Dove under the Capitol Dome
Capitol Dome
Capitol Dome Mural

We ended up eating at a place called “We the Pizza” – apparently President Obama ate there two years previously, so I guess we made a good choice!

Dove at We The Pizza

Next day, we headed back to the boat show with some specific questions in mind: talk with the battery sales guy; talk with the Sailrite sewing machine guy; talk with the dinghy guy; talk with the dinghy davit guy; talk with the rod rigging guy.We got lots of questions answered, and started to formulate a realistic budget for some of the things we will have to buy.

We also ran into a couple of the people from the rendezvous (Terry and Deb) which was really nice – I actually saw somebody who knew my name and face in the crowd – its funny how you miss stuff like that when you haven’t had it for a little while. There’s a possibility we might get to see them in January after we’re back from the holidays, which would be wonderful.

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