Back in Oregon, sitting at our computer, Joe and I signed up for 4 days of classes geared towards boat cruisers, that are offered in between the Annapolis Sailboat Show and the Motorboat Show.  So Monday morning we got up bright and early to drive into Annapolis for classes that started at 8:15 (no rest for the wicked).

My first two days were on “iNavigation systems”. These didn’t end up being as informational as I had hoped, but at least I left them feeling very comfortable using the iNavX app, as well as being exposed to weather apps and tidal apps. Joe had various classes, with mixed results. (the food was great however – I have my priorities!)

Cruisers University
Old Capitol
Annapolis at sunrise
Dove and Joe in Annapolis
Go Navy

Then Joe had a two-day class on Diesel engines and I had various ones. My favorites were the ones on energy management on-board (think: reducing your electrical requirements, and then trying to meet them with solar/wind) and the one on thunderstorms (understanding how/why they form, and the limitations in being able to predict them)

By the last day of classes we were really starting to feel tired. Joe went to the morning portion of his diesel class, but we spent the afternoon mixing it up. My favorites were about cruising the Florida Keys, and cruising in a ‘green’ ecological way.

At the end of that day, we got in the rental car and drove the 1 ½ hours to Dulles airport. We got there early, and used our annual United Club vouchers to hang out in the club room for a few hours (most excellent decision). Then onto our plane at 10pm. We arrived (utterly exhausted) in Tampa at midnight.


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