Now that we were back in Florida, we loaded our bags back into our own little car, and drove to Snead Island Boat Works, where our boat is. There she was, up on blocks, with a new ablative bottom paint on. This was our first chance to see her and touch her since we put her to bed last January.

Over the last several days, the boatyard has been in touch with us about a few things they have found that we need to deal with:

  1. Massive leaks in the battery compartment – need to replace all 6 house batteries
  2. Big leaking in the engine compartment – not enough that it compromised the engine or any of the components in there (we think), but enough that we have to find the source and fix it
  3. The Davit system off the stern is cracking, and will need retooling or replacing or removal
  4. The propeller is starting to corrode and will need replacing
  5. The sole (floor) in the hallway to the aft cabin had been delaminated (due to these stinkin’ rainwater leaks over the last 9 months) and needs replacing or refinishing
Mojo’s cabin sole needs some TLC

And these are just the things the yard found right away. There will be other things – maybe many other things.

Well, this kind of took the wind out of our sails (to use a nautical phrase). Joe was feeling really discouraged – we both have had to grapple with the fact that we may have overpaid for this boat. We don’t regret buying the boat, but we do regret the price we paid for it. So we are still trying to wrap ourselves around this truth.

We also found out from the boatyard that the new batteries we ordered at the Annapolis show aren’t going to arrive until next week, so we probably won’t be able to get her into the water yet. When they can, they will put us into a slip in their marina, and that will allow us to get the sails and new running rigging on her. At that point, we should be able to sail her to the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina to the transient slip we have reserved there. Our hope is that we can spend the next 4 weeks or so living on her, doing some daysailing, and beginning to work on her. We also need to get a more complete list of needed repairs going, so hopefully that will become more clear too.  Next, we headed to St. Pete Municipal Marina to let them know we wouldn’t be there until next week.

In addition, Joe has developed a terrible head cold and cough (poor sweetie!). We’ve  decided to treat ourselves to a nice little hotel room for a couple of nights, along the gulf. We have another day before we have to get Buster from the kennel, so we will just try to rest and relax, and not worry about the boat for 48 hours.

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