Sweet Luxury! We woke up late, and spent the morning lounging in bed. Joe is feeling pretty sickly, but at least we each got a good nights sleep (we’re at a cute, funky little mom-n-pop type hotel, with a quirky charm – mint green walls and a back patio with tropical colored chairs and thatched-roof umbrellas). We have lazed the day away – I think we both needed this!  It doesn’t surprise me at all that Joe has gotten sick, with all the travel and stress we’ve experienced lately.

A couple of random frustrations thus far – just the unfiltered truth:

  1.  I realize I am tired of sleeping in strange rooms. I know I thought it sounded adventurous and exciting to spend weeks on the road – always changing cities and bedrooms. But in reality, it’s weird. And expensive (even when one is trying to be as frugal as possible).
  2. I miss having my own kitchen – I love to cook, and I miss having that ability (nuking things in a microwave doesn’t count as cooking). I know Joe feels the same way – we both look forward to having our own private Idaho again, even if it’s a little sailboat with ‘issues’. At least it will be our little sailboat home with issues!



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