Today we got the boat in the water! And……(wait for it)……it didn’t sink!  Huzzah!

Aaaah – what a good feeling to see the boat back in the water where it belongs. It’s a weird thing to see such a large, heavy displacement, blue-water boat out of the water in storage. It definitely doesn’t belong there, and you just know that the boat is unhappy about it all. She must feel so much better herself, now that she’s cooling off in the calm bay waters.

We’ve once again hired our wonderful friend Norm to help us do a couple of things. We first met Norm last year when we bought the boat. He was the one who had sailed it down to St. Pete from Tarpon Springs when Norm’s brokerage took on the listing. Although he wasn’t the primary listing agent, he was there for the sea trial and survey, because he had sailed on a Brewer in the past and was therefore familiar with the boat in general. We had hired him last year to help us sail the boat from St. Pete to Snead Island Boat Works after we bought it, and also to help us take all the sails down so we could get them into a sail-maker for reconditioning/examination. Today, we hired him to help us measure all the running rigging (including roller furling lines and the lines for the StackPack we have on the mailsail) so we can replace it all, and also to help us get all the sails back on.

Norm and Dove on the deck of Mojo

Most of the running rigging is frayed and oxidized, and in a couple of cases the outer braiding has pulled apart and all that’s left is the inner coring. After measuring all the lines, Joe went off the West Marine to get new ones, and Norm and I worked to re-install the mainsail (including the StackPack and all the fiberglass battens). Whew. So now the mainsail is up, and tomorrow we will all meet at the boat again to get the staysail and genoa up, and also to replace all the sheets, halyards, and other lines.

Even though I still feel sickish –  it was such a good feeling to be on Mojo again. Our boat needs some serious work, but at least we had her in the water. Yay! Closer to our goal.

We will sleep well tonight, and get back to it tomorrow.

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