Ok, so the day before, I had thought I was recovering from feeling sick. No. I wasn’t.  I dropped Joe off at the boat yard to meet Norm, and drove home to crawl back into bed with a sore throat and a cough and a headache. I woke up around lunch and drove back out to take Subway sandwiches to the guys only to find that Norm had already left because he and Joe had done what they could.

They think they’ve found the main source of the leaking that occurred over the summer down into the battery compartment – the previous owner had installed 2 speakers in the cockpit coaming (the little walls that surround the cockpit), and there was basically no bonding compound left to waterproof around it. It seems the likely culprit. Joe and Norm pulled out the speakers, and Norm went home to create some flat replacement panels to seal up the openings. This should hold us for this season at least. We can fiberglass over the openings when we have time and space.  As for the water that got into the engine room, it appears that the cockpit drain hoses are loose and need to be re-bedded.  We are hopeful we’ve found the primary sources!

Dove seals Norm’s new coaming cover
Mojo’s engine room

Joe then tried to start the engine, but it wouldn’t turn over.  He called a diesel mechanic we had made contact with, but he is so busy right now that he couldn’t even come take a look until the end of the month. Great. Joe and I then headed back to the hotel to rest, and let the crew at Snead Island finish getting the new batteries installed. Joe was still coughing up goop, and I just felt worse and worse with each passing hour.

The boatyard was closed for the weekend, so that pretty much tied our hands there. Couldn’t get to the boat, so we couldn’t work on it. Time to rest. On Saturday, Joe drove us south down the coastline again, while I felt ‘punky’ and spent a lot of time coughing. It was so nice to have a change of scenery, and the weather was gorgeous. We drove south on Pine Island, which is mostly undeveloped. We felt like it probably represented what Florida used to look like decades ago – farms and fishing, with some little villages in between. We found a nature preserve, and took Buster on a little hike around some ponds. Very peaceful and quiet, although the sign said that we could expect to encounter “wild hogs and alligators” – thankfully, they must have been asleep. On Sunday, we pretty much stuck around the hotel and watched TV.

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