Joe made contact this week with a couple that we had met at the Whitby/Brewer Sailboat Association Rendezvous, and it  turned out they were going to be just a few hundred yards away from us, anchoring at Emerson Point.  Apparently they try to make this trip every year with their sailing club, and they told us that they would come pick us up in their dinghy and bring us aboard for a little bit.  Wow!  How nice of them, and what a real treat it was for us, considering how land-based we are right now.

George motored over to pick us up from the dinghy dock at Emerson Point Reserve (a wonderful park near us, with hiking trails and beach access).  He and his wife Carolynn sail aboard their Whitby 42 ‘Indefatigable’, and were so gracious to us!  They had another couple staying with them for the trip, Julia and Tim, and it was such a pleasure to visit with all of them for the couple of hours we were there.

I can’t even tell you how encouraging it was to us to be on a beautiful boat again, in the water, relaxing and enjoying good conversation.  They talked with us a little about some of the things they’ve done to their boat, and some of the trips they’ve made in it, as well as some sailing they’ve done on chartered boats around the world.  George took Joe on a little boat tour, talking about gear and systems.

After Carolynn served a wonderful, freshly-made dinner (such a fabulous change of pace for us!), George motored us back to the dock so we could head home, but not before Joe got some awesome shots of the sun setting behind ‘Indefatigable’.

Enjoying the anchorage
Dinner with the Chamberlains
George takes us back to shore
Whitby 42 Indefatigable

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